Pi K-Wave


Full range karaoke soundbar with 10 speakers, 2 sub-woofers and built in mixer + 2 UHF microphones

Main Features

10 surrounding speakers with an easy 1 cable hook up. 2 tweeters, 4 mid-range and dual 5 inch sub-woofers for the full range immersive home cinema experience you deserve.

Built in mixer for multiple audio feedback. Record and playback over the original audio source.

Have a Karaoke night and sing to your favorite songs. 2 UHF microphones included in the box for your convenience.

AptX CSR codec deliver CD like quality via Bluetooth 4.2 for lossless audio


1. Bluetooth version 4.2 Aptx CSRA64215, SBC, MP3, AAC, APTX APTX-LL

2. Bluetooth distance: 10 Meters

3. UHF Microphone: 2 UHF Microphone @ 495-608MHz

4. Wire Microphone: 2*6.35mm 1*3.5mm. 3 inputs

5. Maximum Audio Power Output: 1000 W

6. Maximum subwoofer Audio Power: 180W

7. Frequency Respond: 20-20KHz

8. Distortion: <0.1% @ 1W

9. S/N: >95%

10. Sensitivity: 92dB @1W/1m

11. Amplifier channels: 3.0

12. 10 Speakers unit: 2x4” Subwoofer, 4Ω/30W, 4x3” Mid 8Ω/20W, 2x2” tweeter 8Ω/15W, 2x3” Passive Radiators

13. Input Ports: COAX, Optical, Line in, Aux, TF card, USB, Bluetooth, 6.35mm Mono Microphone (two ports), 3.5mm Mono Microhome (One port)

14. Output: Subwoofer Line out

15. Sound EQ Modes (7). Default (Original), Rock, Jazz, Classic, POP, 3D, V-Surround, and Game Bass

16. Battery: 4xAA 1.5V (for Microphone optional), 2xAAA 1.5V (remote control optional)

17. AC Adaptor: Input: AC 100-240V/2A, Output: DC 20V/4.0A

18. Sound bar Power Input: 20V DC/ 4.0A

19. Power Consume: 80W

20. Cabinet: MDF

21. Dimensions: Width: 94cm *Depth: 16cm *Height: 11cm

22. Weight: 8kg